URBANPAINTINGS/Kathleen Migliore-Newton

I believe that subject matter is the force that drives style. My canvases are peopled with characters whose lives I try to imagine. I use photographs that I take of people  on the street, the subways and in museums, which I use as source material. I try to catch people in a moment of privacy-that E.B White writes about. There are enclaves and oases that you can find just around the corner. Sometimes I catch an interaction, other times I catch the movements of figures on the urban landscape. I love the City for its diversity and possibilities for encounters.

I am exhilarated by the process of painting on a two dimensional format. Though I paint recognizable imagery, I don’t always use local color and make aesthetic decisions in the immediate experience of paint on canvas. This maintains the idea of movement in the passing scene, while unifying the composition.

Alone Together, 2015, oil painting on linen, 37.5" x45"